4PM Happy Hour – July 7, 2010

Apple unveils the iHand - The RIGHT way to hold the iPhone 4

Reacting to complaints that the new iPhone 4 loses signal when it’s held in a certain way, Apple today announced a remedy to a problem that has plagued the company’s trust rank over recent weeks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the iHand. Like any Apple product, the iHand is a product that redefines the way we use or in this case, hold our phones. The Swine flu proof synthetic product makes it easy for anyone to get a firm ‘grip’ on their iPhones without having to worry about signal loss when calling 911.

bHHhK Apple Unveils The iHand The Right Way to Holding Your Phone

, iHand is precision-carved from a single piece of European beechwood.

The iHand comes with adjustable fingers to allow you to raise and calibrate its grip or elevation to your ear. It doesn’t even require a manual.The iHand will be available throughout stores for only $69.

A trip down memory lane...

Everyone had one of these:

Everyone had a mom who owned a pair of these for Jazzercise..

Everyone played with POGS...

Everyone watched Legends...

And everyone wrote notes to their mom from summer camp

4PM Happy Hour – July 6, 2010

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend!

How to respond to those protesters/preachers yelling in the street...

Busted by Mom

Looks like someone is a huge nerd...

Saddest puppy in the world

4PM Happy Hour – July 1, 2010

A good Thursday to everyone! I know many of you are taking tomorrow off, so have a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend!

A bus stop in Japan, WTF?

Nice family portrait

Gotta love Zac Galifinakus

That's gonna leave a mark

Another iPhone joke....