4PM Happy Hour – August 13, 2010

Happy Friday! Thanks to Creyton for these awesome photos.

More "People of Walmart"

I’ve seen people matching their outfits with their Jordan's . This is the first time I’ve seen the kicks match the Nascar jacket; and he obviously want everyone to see his shoes!
West Virginia

She must be on her way to her job as a back-up dancer for Salt-N-Peppa.

Cabbage Patch Man comes complete with a birth certificate, application for adoption and they are each sold separately.

He is wearing… a trash bag… as a skirt. I can’t even fathom a reason why! – “Well maybe it was some sort of an emergency.” Who knows what he is going to use the Tupperware for.

Its not her fault; that guy’s fabulous rat tail makes all the girls pull their skirts up.

got 4 to 1 odds saying she smelled her hand after she pulled it back out.

He is like a parachute slowing down that drag-racer!! Seriously, pick the kid up or buy him the candy bar he wants. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make by dragging him across the floor of a Walmart.

Oh, It’s like a garbage bag filled with creamed corn.

C’mon now. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘half-assed’.

This is either the ugliest woman ever, the worst cross-dresser ever, or a guy that is really bad at choosing gender appropriate clothes. Maybe it’s all three – an ugly woman, cross-dressing as a man, who can’t pick out manly clothes.

Well the bleach from earlier obviously didn’t do the trick because I still see this…. I’m switching to Drano.

I guess he thought he could roll his underwear over his pants and use them as a belt…didn’t work.

know, I know…… I want to see his old man boobs in that mesh tank-top as well. Looks like we gotta settle for the Jorts crammed with Depends. Sorry to disappoint.

“What is Walmart gay?” – great question; Walmart gay is extra flamboyant attire like this, that is still rooted in Walmartness. For example, tying your shirt up like so is very flamboyant, however it is also flannel. Pink shorts –> big belt buckle. Big goofy hat –> doesnt match a thing. I think you get the idea.

If you’re going to wear a nice summer skirt like this, don’t ruin it with those boots mister, because that is just wrong!

Dear Rapunzel, that looks HEAVY AS HELL!!! It looks like a rolled up rug chillin’ on your dome! How/why do you put up with that?
P.S. I like your short yellow shorts and big shoes.

I bet this guy is wearing a condom just so everything is tight and snug….come to think of it, this guy kind of looks like a big condom but I don’t have the balls to tell him that.

“What?! I’m not wearing this because I crave attention. This stuff is really, really comfortable.”

Cat food, check. Ace bandage, check. Scuba diver for fish tank, check. Mirror? How the hell did that get on here.