4PM Happy Hour – June 24, 2010

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Video of the storms hitting Chicago last night..


Pretty awesome phone app

Dang, that pastor just owned his youth ministry.

You couldn't make up this news headline if you tried

4PM Happy Hour – June 21, 2010

Happy Monday & first day of official Summer. Hope all the dads had a good one yesterday!

Intimate waxing' nearly costs man a testicle British man nearly loses testicle in charity event at pub
updated 2:57 p.m. CT, Thurs., June 17, 2010

LONDON - Joe Cooper might want to think twice the next time he’s asked to participate in a bikini waxing fundraiser for charity.

Cooper, 24, was left in agony after an “intimate beauty waxing” event at a pub went a bit too far and he nearly lost a testicle.

“I'd never do it again. I wouldn't put any man through that pain,” he told British media Wednesday.

Cooper and 10 male friends had agreed to undergo the waxing on June 5 to raise cash for a local hospital. But all the others just had their chests waxed, while Joe endured the "male Brazilian,” the Daily Sun reports.

Onlookers placed bids to pull the strips off in the charity event at the pub in Birstall, Leicester.

One of the strips stuck to a very sensitive spot — and an over-energetic tug by one of his friends tore off six of his seven layers of skin, the newspaper said.

Pub manager Josh Adcock told the U.K. Daily Mail: 'Joe's a bit of a clown, he likes to do things like that.

"People were bidding quite a lot to have a rip. I was laughing but I did feel quite sorry for him, especially as we had a disco later on and he couldn't walk."

Cooper wound up at the hospital. "You can imagine how much everyone was laughing at me. It was ironic. I was meant to be helping them — and they ended up helping me. They told me if any more skin had come off, that would have been it. I was very lucky really," he was quoted as saying.

Cooper, who has so far helped to raise about $4,400 for Leicester Royal Infirmary's children's ward, added: "I just hope people will sponsor me more now — because I'm still hurting."

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